AccessiBe Talks About Web Accessibility Solutions

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AccessiBe is a company that was established as an innovative AI-powered web accessibility solution with the aim of making websites accessible, automated, and affordable. This company was founded in early 2018 and its technology scans and modifies websites’ behavior in real-time, for the purpose of being accessible for people with disabilities and compliant with the ADA and WCAG 2.1.

Web accessibility is an aspect that covers every element of a website. Diverse components of a website have to be complementary and interconnected to one another to create a site that is functional, as well as available for the benefit of those with disabilities. These components include content, user agents, authoring tool and evaluation tool. Content comprises of information on a web page or web applications. This can include text, images, and sounds. It also involves code, script, or markup that defines the structure, presentation, etc. of the site. User agents, on the other hand, are mobile phone browsers, media players, assistive technology, web browsers, as well as software that act on behalf of a user. Authoring tools refer to software that creates websites like code editors, content management systems, blogs, and so on. Ultimately, evaluation tools are used for reviewing the effectiveness of the accessibility attributes of a website and allow people to track their remediation efforts. AccessiBe is a market leader in web accessibility. They recently announced the launch of two products that can help in elevating internet accessibility for people with disabilities. While accessFlow would be a testing and remediation platform, access Campus shall be an online learning platform.

accessFlow can be considered to be an all-in-one web accessibility platform. It can come as a huge help for solo developers, engineering teams, web designers, accessibility experts, product managers and more. The key aim of accessFlow is to provide a dashboard for all the accessibility needs of a project. It also equips developers with the tools they require to make sure that the accessibility of a website is always at its best. This would include a number of elements, including monitoring, alerting, suggesting, and tracking. It shall also involve simplifying accessibility development with CI/CD pipelines and testing automation. accessFlow also offers professional services and maintains best practices for building applications and websites that have native accessibility built into the tech stacks and development lifecycle.

accessCampus, on the other hand, is an online web accessibility learning platform. It is designed to take on the complex domain of web accessibility and disabilities by simplifying and streamlining the learning experience. This platform offers an interactive self-learning experience that follows a strict syllabus with lectures, reading materials, tests and quizzes that are designed and delivered by accessibility experts and users having distinctive disabilities. They also share their personal experiences. With accessCampus, a variety of professionals, starting from web engineers and designers to product managers can effectively and easily learn how web accessibility works. They can gain a proper understanding of creating native accessibility in their services and products, while also maintaining accessibility.

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