Beauty and Wellness Services in India

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The beauty and wellness business in India is rapidly expanding and is quickly becoming a significant industry. It is making a significant contribution to economic growth and has emerged as a major employer, offering millions of job possibilities across the country. The expanding consumerism, globalization, and changing lifestyles of Indian consumers are the reasons for this exponential increase. The fast expansion of this industry, as well as the entry of many small and major enterprises into this field, has created a significant demand for qualified professionals. The professionals are highly trained from reputed institutes and specialize in providing the right beauty services to their clients. 

The beauty and wellness article services in India serve over 1000 customers and are growing at a rate of 40%. The amenities offered by them are spas, salons, makeup, fitness studios, and gyms. In this article, we discuss the list of services provided by this industry in India.

  • Manicure and Pedicure

The pedicure and manicure refer to the process of taking care of the client’s hands and feet. This mainly includes taking care of nails, artificial nail extension, and foot massage. Periodically taking care of feet and hands leads to detoxification and henceforth promotes a healthy life. They also help in keeping your hands and feet looking younger. Regular pedicures and manicures also help in keeping infections away. One can execute these beauty treatments at home avoiding the heavy charges incurred in the parlors. There are a wide variety of manicure and pedicure kits available in the markets now which can make these treatments easier and economical. 

  • Threading

Eyebrow threading is the process of removing unwanted hair from the eyebrows. The idea is to remove the extra hairs in a row by row or in a line to shape the facial hair. Threading can also be done on the arm, leg, and head to enhance one’s beauty. The benefits of threading can be summarized as: it is a fast technique as a professional hairdresser can complete the task within 7-10 minutes, it is chemical-free without the use of harsh substances and the result is long-lasting. 

  • Waxing

Waxing is the process of removing unwanted hairs from the body using a hair removal cream. One can use strip wax to remove the unwanted hair from the root. Using a cream-based strip can be an ideal solution for sensitive skin. After the waxing process is complete professionals add wax oil which acts as a moisturizer for the skin. The application of different waxing creams depends on the skin types of the users. The process is more scientific as compared to traditional trimming.

  • Bleach

Bleaching is a hair dye technique that removes the color of your natural hair. The chemical contains an alkaline agent that dyes the hair by opening the hair cuticle. The bleach also contains melanin which acts as a moisturizer. The longer one keeps the agent in your hair the lighter it makes your hair color. The process alters the natural color of the hair by changing it to a yellow or reddish tone. Which color it will turn depends on the natural tone of your hair. 

  • Face clean up

Regular face cleaning is important to have glowing skin. Proper use of facial cleanser, toner, and a moisturizing cream helps in hydrating your skin. Wiping your face with cleansing milk helps in unclogging your pores and removing the extra dirt which is leftover on your skin. The face clean-up process works well for oily, dry, and combination skin. It is one of the best ways to keep your face clean and healthy. Thus, periodical maintenance of your skin is important as it will enhance your overall look. 

  • Makeup

Wearing the right makeup can transform your skin into what you dreamy of. Putting on the right makeup can protect your skin from dullness and itchiness. Thus, you need to clean your face regularly. A professional can execute this process within 2 hours at an economical charge. It helps in removing the extra dirt from your skin in just a few hours.

Wrapping up: 

Cosmetic treatments can be extremely harmful if the process is not executed properly. Thus, performing these services by an expert will result in the desired result. Massage therapy, hair color, and nail art are just a few examples one can opt for. 

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