Fireplace Toolset: What Is Included and What is Not

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Moving into a period home replete with high ceilings and plenty of room can be a wonderful experience. However, you must be prepared to accept some of the old age conveniences as well. Take the fireplace for instance. It is sure to be a delight when you remain snug and comfortable in the middle of a particularly nasty winter.

Apart from making the required arrangements for a supply of wood/coal and/or gas to keep the fire burning bright within the hearth, you must be sure to invest in a sturdy fireplace toolset that includes all the essential tools. Do educate yourself and learn the specialized terms for each tool, however. Asking the dealer for that metal stick to poke the fire is a strict no-no.

You will be offered multiple tools with specialized functions. Having an idea about what you need is essential. Do not spend money on old equipment that is not used anymore. You will only end up adding to the clutter and keep dusting the objects that you have no use for.

The right set of fireplace tools is definite to include the following:

Poker– This is also known as the stoker and its function is evident from the term. It is a simple rod-like object manufactured out of cast iron. You may settle for a decorative element preferably a brass finish too. Use it for prodding and poking at the burning logs so that the blazing fire does not go waste.

Tongs– There are times when the burning logs seem to have a mind of their own. You may often witness the charred logs falling off the file and coming near the edge of the hearth. This increases the risk of accidents. Do keep the fire tongs ready to thwart such an eventuality. You may pick the logs carefully and reposition them as needed thanks to the sturdy tongs. Do insist on long-handled ones to avoid burning yourself.

Broom– You are free to refer to the fireplace broom as a brush or get a distinct brush to clean up after the embers have died down. Forget using the vacuum cleaner for even the remnants of fire can prove to be fatal. Opt for the old-fashioned way of cleaning up the ash instead. Deposit them within a bucket or use the deposit slot in modern fireplaces.

Spade– You cannot let the ash pile up continuously without affecting the quality and intensity of a new fire that you are about to start. Hold a spade that is akin to a shovel and remove the accumulated ash by pushing it to one side. You may rearrange the ash or eliminate some of it by discarding it down the trap.

You are free to opt for a beautiful-looking fireplace toolset that will not damage the aesthetic appeal of your interior. You will be thankful to have a holder included within the set that provides you with an opportunity to flaunt the wonderfully appealing fireplace toolset in all its glory.

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