How to write a perfect “thank you page” for your website?

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Thank you page is a page or pop up window customers view just after a conversion activity – typically after a transaction or request. “Appreciate you for your order” webpage is an excellent chance to thank and encourage the customer to utilise  your website deeper. You may build a page as you like – the more unique and genuine you are, the more successful the page. As thank you page an important element made by any web design company in Delhi, we have mentioned below all things important you need to know about a perfect thank you page.

Why should you have a thank you page?

Several websites keep this page unmanaged, which may have a significant impact on client loyalty. We all enjoy it when people express thanks to us – and the more sincere and original this “thank you” is, the more pleased we are. Surely, when you service the customer offline, you thank him. Your site is no worse than that. It may appear that if you have already purchased or registered a user, you don’t have to do anything more. However, you fail to thank you for your purchase message and lose a great chance to establish connections with your new customer (as well as further conversion increase). As long as your rivals neglect this functionality, you may improve your thank you page and create a magnificent experience for your users using the following strategies.

The must haves of a thank you page

  1. Confirmation message

Whether you get a product order or only gather contact data for a future email distribution, indicate that you have received user information. The lack of any proof leads to confusion – what if there was a technical mistake?

  1. Be solid but personal as well

Enter what you are thanking the user – for the purchase, for completing the contact form, for submitting a query in the text. Write the message in the same manner as the entire site And then go in the same way after you have selected a pleasant tone. If you have built the site in a rigorous style and commercial tone, please do not know the thank you message too well.

  1. Give more information to your customers

Tell the user what to do next – wait for the call, a message, know promotions or social media from the operator. If you notify the operator that he will soon be in touch with the user then indicate the time: in the next 24 hours, or from 9am to 9pm on business days, for example. Actually, everything relies on your imagination. As for a separate thank you for your purchase page, it may also be done on any website, although this method is becoming obsolete. Your website is basic and straightforward for the user, and this philosophy is fitted with a little nice pop-up window.

Interesting templates for you thank you page

Here are some excellent themes to customise your page of thanks or pop-up window. You do not have to copy and use these templates, but you should modify them and adapt them to your website and current company requirements to surprise and please your consumer.

  1. Thank you for your order!   It’s on its way already!
  2. Thank you so much for registering!
  3. Thank you so much for selecting us!

Wrapping up

There’s no need to compose a big thank you note, as you can see in the templates above. One or two phrases will suffice. Be real, genuine and courteous, don’t attempt to squeeze the customer with an upsell even more money. For thanks, don’t forget analytics codes and make sure that you check how people respond to these windows. If you observe a high rate of failure, change strategies. This is why as the best website designing company Delhi we suggest that you use pop-up windows when you create a website rather than distinct pages since they are always simple to modify without affecting the layout.

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