Natural Sisal Rugs: Types, Appeal, Patterns, and Reasons for Popularity

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Hello folks. Today in this brief guide, I will write few things about natural sisal rugs. One of the best things that you will know about sisal rugs is that you can place sisal rugs anywhere in any room. But again, there is one point that you should note and that is not to place the sisal rugs in wet areas like the bathroom and kitchen and outside of it. One of the reasons why I am telling this is because if you want your natural sisal rugs to be healthy and sturdy, then it’s best that you keep the sisal in a dry place. Another best thing that you will note about sisal fiber is that it is one of the most durable ones. 

Different Types of Sisal Rugs

No matter what your style statement for home is, natural sisal rugs are the best ones for your home and it matches with all the styles. Your furniture will be complimented because of the subtle look of the sisal rugs in the background. Natural Sisal Rugs come in different styles like tightly woven. or lose and chunky weaves or bold colors with backing and without backing. Sisal rugs are one of the best natural rugs that you can ever get.

Why Natural Sisal Rugs Are Appealing?  

Apart from that, you will also know that sisal rugs are very popular in the interior design world. They look for some kind of characteristics in a product before they recommend it to anyone. And Natural Sisal Rugs are the one that has all the quality and characteristics, because of which it is popular among the interior designer’s list. Sisal rugs are durable, versatile, beautiful, etc. The attraction of sisal lies in the textures and earthly colors of Sisal rugs. It comes in different colors ranging from brown, golden, sand-colored, and other neutral tones. 

Coarse Sisal Rugs & Patterns – 

One of the best parts that you will know about the natural sisal rugs is that it comes in various textures and patterns. You can get tightly woven sisal rugs in the style of classic basket weave or herringbone pattern sisal rugs or geometric pattern sisal rugs. Sisal rugs are made from the fiber of the agave leaves. So, it can happen that initially when you walk over the Natural sisal rugs, it may feel a bit coarse. But after some time the sisal rugs become soft and bearable to walk on. One of the best places for Sisal rugs is the commercials spaces and hotels. 

Reasons for Sisal Rugs Use in Commercial Spaces – 

You will mostly see that these spaces like commercial and hotels mostly use sisal rugs. And the reasons are the timeless features, the texture underfoot, and the anti-static-ness. The sisal rugs are also pet-friendly. It doesn’t harm the pets. The pets enjoy sitting on the sisal rugs. Similarly, sisal rugs are also environmental friendly. Sisal Rugs are perfect for high traffic areas and even if there are some spills in the sisal rugs, then they can be easily cleaned. You can clean the sisal rugs with water and moist cloth with soap. 

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