Nelson Partners Provides Insight into the Factors That Make PBSA a Perfect Student Accommodation

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All students aim to have a memorable college experience that is not only full of academic achievements, but also various social adventures. Hence, they put a lot of thought into their choice of university and accommodation. After all, the student accommodation chosen by them would be their home for the next three to four years. Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) has emerged as one of the most popular accommodation options for modern students. There are many companies that work towards developing and managing such properties, Nelson Partners being one of them.

The popularity of PBSAs has surged up significantly over the last two decade or so. Traditionally, college and university students only had the option to reside in the university-owned halls or converted Homes for Multiple Occupation (HMOs). These options didn’t always manage to meet the needs of the students. PBSAs, on the other hand, which provide a wide range of advantages that makes these properties well suited for modern students.  This accommodation option is characterized by first-rate facilities, private rooms and even flexible payment options at times. Today, PBSAs is especially popular among international students, and provides them a home away from home.

The amenities and services included under these living spaces are customized to cater to students exploring higher education opportunities. They come with communal study areas, laundry facilities and 24/7 security. The recently developed purpose-built student accommodation buildings have now added a variety of entertainment facilities. They tend to be equipped with cinema rooms, gym facilities, swimming pools, cinema rooms and games areas.  A few PBSAs even have grocery stores and on-site cafes, and may even provide free breakfast for students.

Commuting to the class daily can be a huge hassle, particularly for international students that might not know their way around the city or town. One of the major selling points of PBSAs is that they are generally located within a short walking distance to the local college/colleges. PBSA investors make sure that they select ideal locations that are located close to a good education institution, as well as have the city center nearby. The PBSAs are at least located strategically near to public transport, if they are not located near to the campus. A few of them even provide private shuttle buses to campus.

Another great thing about PBSAs is that they are full of students belonging to diverse parts of the world. In many ways, they act as a melting pot for diverse cultures and backgrounds. Students living in a PBSA get the chance to enjoy unique social experience while meeting all types of people, and get the chance to share university experience with them. PBSAs can also prove to be helpful in the transition from living at home to living in a new city, thereby facilitating the developing a sense of community with like-minded students. Nelson Partners is one of the most well-established companies in the US that specializes in developing and managing purpose-built student accommodation projects.

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