Rules to Run Social Media in China.

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China is a country with abundant culture and diverse history. It has been one of the most influential countries in the world, and it has made major contributions to the fields of science, technology, business and politics. With its rapid development and unique characteristics, China is also becoming a global powerhouse. However, there are still some rules to run social media in China. So read on to learn more about these rules that could help you run successful social media campaigns in China.

The Three Prominent Social Media Platforms That Are Popular in China

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for marketing and advertising. It’s no wonder why China has also become one of the largest countries for social media users. The three prominent social media platforms in China are: QQ, WeChat and Weibo.

QQ is a chat application with over 400 million active users. It’s been around since 1998 and it’s still widely used by Chinese people today. As of 2016, QQ has reached a level of penetration that makes it impossible to ignore.

WeChat is another popular social media platform in China with over 700 million active users. It was created by Tencent in 2011, but it became hugely popular after its first public launch in 2013. In essence, it’s like a phone app turned into a messaging platform.

Weibo is the last of these three platforms mentioned above and it’s an online microblogging service that’s similar to Twitter or Instagram but more focused on sharing news and information rather than sharing pictures of your brunch or selfies from your latest vacation. This platform has a lot of influence because there are many influential celebrities who use this as their main means to share information about their businesses, opinions about current events, etc., making Weibo an effective tool for marketing one’s business or personal brand.

What Are the Main Goals of Campaigns on Social Media?

In order to have a successful campaign on social media, it is important to have clear goals in mind. Developing clear goals helps you to determine if the campaign is worth pursuing in the first place. If you want your campaign to be successful and produce results, then it’s important to define your goal and focus on achieving specific actions that will help you reach that goal.

There are many different types of social media campaigns, including advertising, brand awareness, customer service and more. Consider which one of these approaches best suits your business before deciding what type of campaign you would like to pursue. For instance, if you are an advertising agency looking to increase brand awareness with digital marketing tactics like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or paid posts on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, then this would be an appropriate type of social media campaign for you.

How to Set Up a Campaign on Social Media

in China

The following are the most important rules you need to know when running social media campaigns in China.

  1. Keep Your Campaigns Transparent and Helpful

One of the most important things to keep in mind when running a campaign on social media is transparency. You want your audience to know about the content that you provide for them, but you also want to be careful not to give away any confidential information or secrets. If you’re not sure how to properly handle this, it may be worth consulting a professional who has experience with marketing in China.

  1. Use Chinese Language Content

Another rule that should go without saying is using content written in Chinese language in your campaigns on social media platforms like WeChat and Tencent QQ. This way, your audience can understand what you’re saying and will be able to participate more effectively with your campaign.

  1. Pay Attention To Privacy Settings and Terms of Use

China has different regulations when it comes to privacy settings and terms of use for various platforms, so it’s important that you take the time to review these policies before setting up a campaign on social media platforms like WeChat or Tencent QQ. So, before starting work on setting up your own campaign on these platforms, make sure that you review the privacy policy first so as not to run into any trouble later down the road.

Rules to Run a Successful Campaign on Social Media.

What are the rules to run a successful social media campaign in China?

  1. You have to be careful about your posts.
  2. You have to comply with government regulations, and follow the guidelines that are set by the censors.
  3. Your posts should not undermine national security or disrupt social order.
  4. Your posts should avoid vulgar language and pornographic content.
  5. There is a ban on promoting religion on social media, so you can’t post religious information or show religious symbols on your posts (e.g., emoji).
  6. If you carry out promotions on social media platforms, you’ll need to get permission from the relevant authorities beforehand and follow their instructions too.




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