Smart Tips from Eugene Bernshtam to Revive Your Underperforming Real Estate Listings

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It may be frustrating and disappointing to see that your listed real-estate property is not gaining the desired traction even after all your efforts to make it appealing. In many situations, over time, you may start to think that it is hopeless to go after it and tend to back off. However, a few simple but effective tricks may turn things around and help you sell the property quicker. Let’s explore.

Eugene Bernshtam tips

The first tip from Eugene Bernshtam on reviving your old real-estate listing is to ensure you have provided comprehensive info about the property. Search engines always look for new content and updates in order to list and rank the search results related to a specific keyword. So, you have to scrutinize your listing and ensure that all the property updates, technical changes, and content are refreshed at the online listings.

It is noted that many of the real estate property listings only have an address and some basic details like the total space, number of rooms, etc. Such basics can be easily lost amidst thousands of similar listings. In order to make it outstanding, your content should be relevant and attractive. As of late, buyers are looking for the virtual “experience” of the property from what is available online even before stepping into the physical property. This means you have to make the virtual experience as exciting as possible to make the viewers consider it at the first point.

Try to include each and every detail as the nearby schools, hospitals, malls, and distance to other important nearby destinations. It is also ideal for giving a description of the neighborhood, views around, amenities, and whatever is applicable.

Photos and 3D virtual tour

Apart from the technical details, buyers also want to see and experience the listing they consider. So, it is ideal for including a maximum number of photos and the listing so that they get a detailed view of the property. Many online real estate websites also include the latest AI features to provide the buyers a 3D virtual tour experience as well as video tours etc.

While uploading photographs, make sure that the images are captured by professionals, which are vibrant, sharp, and of high resolution with zoomability. You may check other property rental websites or magazines for insightful ideas about real-estate photography. For example, you may refer to Airbnb to identify how they portray real-estate photos to highly the important property parts.

Mind the listed pricing

Real estate is becoming more and more competitive with the advent of the Internet. Anyone can now sell their property through different online channels. When a property gets listed for so long without any inquiries, one major reason will be that it is overpriced compared to other similar listings. So, reducing the prize to match the market standards may help revive the property listing and attract more inquiries.

Suppose you are not sure how to feature your property for sale perfectly or determine the apt offering price. In that case, you can take the assistance of expert real estate consultants like Eugene Bernshtam with years of experience in the real estate sector.

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