Stacy Wilson Crime Scene Photos

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The above photo is of a 21 year old brilliant and cheerful girl who has her life planned ahead of her. But, unfortunately, her dreams were snatched from her eyes in the most brutal and horrific manner. Looking at the above wide grin, no one would have imagined the troublesome and painful end of her life.

Let me tell you what happened to this happy and care free girl at such a young age. Her body was butchered mercilessly by someone who is not eligible to be called a human rather he should be known as a monster. This girl lived in Vermont and her killer also lived in that vicinity. She was continuously approached by her killer who wanted a relationship with her but she always rejected him.

Details of the killer:

Her killer’s name is Samuel who is also known by the name of Abdul Rahim. If we look at his history, it appears that he was deported from United Stated to his native place St. Vincent as a punishment of his crimes of armed robbery in 1996.

Furthermore, he was also arrested and sent to a mental institution after he broke the window of a shop in Kingstown. However, he was released several months later.

Details of crime:

This horrific crime took place on a chilly afternoon of December 11, 2006. It was the first day of the week and Wilson was returning home after spending a long and arduous day at work. She worked as a hospital clerk in Kingstown and she was using a minibus at the Leeward bus terminal to return home.

Her killer had also visited her at work that day and tried to speak to her. But Wilson said she didn’t want to listen to him. She was tired of getting stalked by him everywhere.

Wilson left her workplace at 3:45 to take the minibus to her home at Vermont. It was reported by witnesses that Samuel was walking behind her and trying to get her attention. His efforts were all in vain and he didn’t receive any response from her.

Samuel boarded the same bus which Wilson boarded and followed her to where she sat. She changed her seat and sat next to a woman in order to get away from him. However, he wouldn’t leave her alone. She continued to ignore him and changed her seat again. Samuel got frustrated of her cold shoulder and took out a cutlass from his pocket.

Samuel attacked Wilson with the cutlass but Wilson fell into driver’s lap. She jumped out of the window to hide under the bus and save her life. However, she was chased by Wilson.

The witnesses reported that she was dragged out of the bus by Samuel and he began chopping her right hand off her wrist. After she fell to the ground, he began to chop her neck and almost cut off her head. Her head was hanging to her body by just a piece of skin.

Her crazy killer then chopped away the remaining piece of skin, hold her head in his hands, kissed her face and then threw it to the ground.

The police had to witness a horrible crime scene where a beheaded body was lying on the road with the head lying 15 feet away from the body and the amputee hand was thrown 20 feet away from the body.

When Shorn Samuel noticed the arrival of police, he threw the blood weapon on the ground, fell to his knees and put his hands on his head. It was clear that he had no guilt and shame of his act as he saluted the crowd smugly when he was carried away by the police.

Stacy’s final journey to heaven:

Stacy Wilson’s funeral was held on December 19th, exactly a week later her death. It was attended by her friends and family members. Numerous strangers also gathered to said good bye to the girl who was butchered mercilessly. Her mother, Emelia Nanton displayed impaccable strength and courage throughout the funeral. She was remembered fondly by her friends and family members and they mourned for the loss her death had created in their lives.

Shorn Samuel’s trial:

In a unanimous decision on October 15, 2008, the 12-person jury reached a decision. In the case of Stacy Wilson’s murder, Shorn Samuel was found guilty and sentenced to death.

The truth is that Samuel was never put to death for his crimes.

In the end, Samuel was acquitted of the charges against him. Due to diminished responsibility, his murder conviction was overturned. In the end, his death sentence was commuted to a life sentence.

Cause of Stacy Wilson’s crime:

According to sources, Samuel has a history of mental illness and aggression which led to him committing this crime. He was also found to have a history of drug abuse. He was treated at different mental health facilities in the past.

“Samuel has a history of mental illness,” said Dr. Amrie Morris-Patterson, the Mental Health Centre’s senior registrar in court testimony.

A persecutory delusion and acute psychotic episodes led Samuel to be admitted to the Kingsboro Psychiatric Center in Brooklyn, New York, back in 1996.

Following the National Commercial Bank break-in, Samuel was admitted to the Mental Health Centre in Kingstown for a 20-day assessment in January 2002.

As he explained it, he was at the bank to receive money from Saudi Arabia. He became enraged when it didn’t arrive. On top of that, he claimed that the police were after him because they were jealous.

Samuel also claimed that he was being persecuted because he was a Muslim living in Saint Vincent, and people thought he was related to Osama bin Laden.

In the days following Samuel’s murder of Wilson, Dr. Morris-Patterson interviewed Samuel. Initially, Samuel was reluctant to answer any questions, as noted by the doctor’s observations. A Muslim, Samuel insisted on being detained for no other reason than his religious affiliation.

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