Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress: Things You Need To Know

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Meta Description: Have you ever run into a Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress match and have no idea even if it’s bad or not? Well, this guide will surely help you know all about it.

Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress: Things You Need To Know

The Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress was actually added during the DLC Leviathans. They generally function as the towering strongholds deserted many years ago. Plus, it is also defended by various defense platforms as expected.


In addition to the natural defenses of the stronghold, it also creates some really dangerous events that can even wipe your army out. That is why we have made a complete guide on the things you need to know about Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress. So, let’s get started;


If you manage to defeat the defenses of the fortress, you can begin an event chain that really needs to be observed till the end to get good rewards. Those rewards usually include a 1,000 to 5,000 research boost in almost all fields, and Enigmatic Decoder or Enigmatic Encoder technologies. This will lead to the quite new ship components of a similar name that boost hit chance or evasion respectively.

Before we break the event, it is worth nothing if you are playing the empire with the consciousness ethic gestalt, you simply get the rewards & don’t really need to do the chain of events.

There are 3 main steps to the event of Enigmatic Fortress:

Step#1. Gaining Entry

This step will let you use either a science ship for triggering a power surge or an army transport for forcing entry. The science ship contains 2 options, one with a comparatively low energy cost.

If you select the “Local Power Surge” or “Demolitions Team”, simply go with the lower estimate, and the event chain will proceed. If you select the other option, it will repower the vault.

Also, note that it will lose the army transport in return, so do not send in a massive or huge force.

Step#2. The Tower

There are basically 4 options in this specific step, and just one of them will generally progress the chain of events, i.e, “Rearrange the Tori of metal on the poles”. Keep in mind that any other option will probably lead to powering up the vault again.

Step#3. The Pivot

There are 6 options here & three of them come under the ‘Home System Research’ entirely. Plus, you can also pay the dark matter charges, utilize a science ship, use the force with the military ship, etc. In addition, you can eventually complete the special project of “Black Hole Research

If you really want to finish the event successfully and smoothly, select any of the below options wisely:

  • Home System Research
  • Project of Black Hole Research
  • Supply Dark Matter

The other 2 options of home system research will also lead to power up the vault again. So, if you try to utilize force with the help of the military ship, this event will probably fail & can cause the entire system to be completely destroyed.

This typically includes the fortress, any kind of ships in the system, & even all the planets will be alternated, too. Habitable ones will also somehow become molten worlds. Sounds astonishing, right?

Our Final Thoughts

In this article, we have summarized all the essential things you need to know about Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress. Now, all your doubts regarding it will be absolutely cleared. Keep in mind that if you need to be acknowledged with up-to-date information with time when it comes to Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress.

Good Luck, folks!

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