The Value of a Business Mobile Phone Plan

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One of the most important factors of success for any business is communication and accessibility. A key tool for business in improving communication is having a company cellphone plan. Your mobile subscription should be designed specifically to fit the needs of your company and its employees. No matter your location or business needs several companies are looking to sell you cellular service for your company.

With several options available, it can be a challenge narrowing down your choices. Due to the fact that the cellular industry is very competitive, each provider will have deals and offers for both new and existing customers. In addition, business accounts are highly valued by cellular service providers and most offer many incentives both short term and long term to get your business. When reviewing offers there are several factors to keep in mind to ensure you not only get a good deal but also good service.

What To Look For in a Business Cellphone Plan

  • Minutes and Texting: most modern cellular phone plans offer unlimited texting and call minutes. However, some companies do offer minute buckets or more limited texting packages at a cheaper rate. A careful review of company needs can result in a lower overhead when shopping for business mobile subscriptions provided you know exactly what you need. In some situations, unlimited is best as you don’t have to worry about overages or track use.
  • Data Features: cellular data is an important part of modern cell phone plans and advances in cellular technology have made smartphones as fast as a home internet connection. An important aspect of your mobile plan is how much data you have and how it is managed. Some business plans offer a large bucket of data for all employees to use, while others give each line its own data limit. You should carefully review how much high-speed data is offered and what occurs when you reach your data limit. Many companies continue to offer data at a lower speed when limits are reached. This can vary, so always be sure to check with the mobile provider to ensure you get the data coverage to access your business needs.
  • Coverage: modern cellular service providers have expanded coverage to wear dead-spots are a far less common issue. Keeping that in mind, you should still carefully review the areas where your company does business. This includes your main office, remote locations, and locations where your employees meet and work with clients. If your employees regularly have to go onsite to provide services coverage can be especially important.
  • Equipment Upgrades: an important part of your mobile plan is how equipment upgrades are handled. In some businesses, cellular equipment can be used for a long time, but some industries require more frequent upgrades due to business software or specialized company equipment or needs. As many cellular providers offer equipment discounts on a regular basis, this should be reviewed, so you get the most value out of your mobile business contract to meet your company’s needs.
  • Equipment Insurance: another key part of equipment management is any insurance or additional replacement coverage or protection that may be offered. Smartphones can be broken or damaged in a variety of ways and this doesn’t always occur when you have a discounted upgrade available. If your employees are often in the field or work in a field that can increase the chances of equipment damage, then a protection plan can be well worth the upfront investment.
  • Additional Features and Equipment: mobile service providers offer more than just smartphones. Many offer additional services, such as mobile hotspots for remote computer access, automotive devices, wearables, and more. If your business makes use of such equipment or has a specific need such as, mobile internet for work laptops, that should be discussed when reviewing business mobile plans. Such equipment and specialized service can often be added to your business account much like a phone line would be.

Final Thoughts

Your company cellphone should never be an afterthought. As a key part of your business, a well-managed mobile phone plan can ensure your employees are always reachable and have access to the tools they need to do their jobs. Additional features and specialized products can also make your company more flexible and able to perform work on the go and out in the field. This increases customer satisfaction and can reduce worker frustration. The right plan and the right equipment can make day-to-day tasks far less complicated.

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