Top 8 Fashion Trends For Women In 2021

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When it comes to fashion, women are probably more stylish and fashion-sensitive compared to their male counterparts. It is common to see women shopping and keeping up with trends compared to men. It is therefore not surprising to see more fashion trends for women compared to males. While it may not be straightforward or possible to fully understand why women feel the need to keep up with trends, all we know is that this desire has significantly contributed to the growth of the fashion industry.

The desire to stand out has always been a craving among women since time immemorial. 2021 has not been left behind as far as new fashion trends are concerned. This article explores some of the trends we have seen and some likely to come before the year ends. It is exciting to see how some of these styles are not new but have been revolutionized to meet the current needs. Indeed, fashion is timeless as long as one is creative. So, let’s get into it.

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  1. Button Downs

Whether you are going for a shirt or a dress, you can be sure that you never go wrong with a button-down. Being an old trend, it matters how you style it today to suit current chic fashion needs. Choose a color you love and pair it with your favorite jeans and a bag to complete the look. It doesn’t matter if one goes for plain colors or striped, or even patterned fabric. The bottom line is to choose a button-down outfit for an effortless and chic appearance.

  1. Graphic Nail Patterns

Funny how nail art never really comes up when considering fashion trends, yet it plays a significant role in the overall look one achieves. The use of electric nail files and other appliances makes it possible to play around with patterns, colors, and textures for nail art. One of the popular trends this year has been the graphic nail pattern.

What many would not have imagined as possible a few years ago is becoming something that many women are doing with a lot of ease. Beauticians are becoming more experimental with nail art, and the result is fantastic. It is possible to get different prints, including 3D images on your nails. This makes it versatile and more exciting for women who love nail paintwork.

  1. Re-Introduction of Chunky Loafers

If you thought that this style from the 50s was long forgotten, you have to think again. Chunky loafers have made a massive comeback, and people love them. The only secret is to understand how to pair them in a way that elevates your look. The chunky and platform heels are perfect for a pair of jeans or miniskirts. 

You can also wear them with your favorite pair of trousers for a casual look. They also make an excellent pair for accessories such as sparkling embellishments and horse-bit buckles. It gives you a timeless feeling because it can work for all styles and types of outfits. To make it even more classy, consider choosing the chunky loafers in brown or back shades as these tend to match all outfits.

  1. Color Popping Accessories

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There is something about people accessorizing in green and other bold colors. This has become such a big thing in 2021, and it works amazingly. Many people have been picking accessories from sunglasses to bags in bold shades of green, blue, yellow, and any other bold color you can think of.

However, there is a trick to making it work: choosing the accessories in a monochrome color. Mixing it up makes it seem busy and unkempt, not the impression you want to create. The great thing about accessories is that you can play around with most of them until you find what works for you. What’s more, you can even try different colored accessories for different clothes.

  1. The Era of Headscarves

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Whether it was a wave or just coincidental, headscarves seemed to make a huge comeback as well. Many ladies have turned to headscarves on many occasions. Maybe this was a fashion coverup for bad hair days, but it worked perfectly. However, using a headscarf to accessorize the hairdo works perfectly, even for those with perfectly done hair.

This is a trend that seems to be sticking around as women love it. Whether you tie the scarf in a bow or create a little flower or a simple ponytail tie, the scarf truly accentuates your look. Some of the looks one achieves with a good headscarf are iconic.

  1. Black Masks

We live in such a time when the Covid 19 Pandemic is still a genuine concern hence the need to protect oneself. However, fashionistas take it a notch higher and ensure that you stay stylish even as you protect yourself.

Many masks have come up to help enhance beauty and maintain fashion statements worldwide, but none seems to work better than black masks. These have a sense of timelessness and sleekness. They also go perfectly with any outfit you choose hence their appropriateness.

  1. Oversized Boyfriend Jackets

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Boyfriend jackets are a favorite for many young women today. However, going for the oversized ones takes the style to a whole new level and makes your look seem polished and refined. They are also very easy to pair and style since you need perfect straight-legged jeans to give you that sophisticated look you are going for. Many love this 80s look because of how easy it is to dress it down and up, depending on what the occasion calls for.

  1. Folk Inspired Coats

Interestingly, 2021 has been the year where women seem to go easy and trace their origins as far as fashion is concerned. There seems to be a liking for what many would consider old-school style, especially for coats and shoes. The folk-inspired coats are a perfect example of this. While it is not old-school, it borrows a lot from the old folk coats. 

Maybe this was the year when women focused more on comfort and style combined. This coat is excellent for all body types, making them an easy choice for any woman.

Final Thoughts

Fashion is not restrictive, so it is interesting to note how women keep trying new and different things. 2021 has been a remarkable year with the re-entrant of old fashion style tweaked to meet modern women’s needs. In the end, how you style an outfit or shoe wear makes all the difference.

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