What Could Be The Latest Bitcoin Price Warning?

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After setting an all-time high of $68k, Bitcoin is again at a price level of $63k. The recent rise nevertheless signifies a notable upswing from September 2021, which was a bad one for the entire crypto market. Even Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market, made news of following Bitcoin. Ethereum price went over $3800. Now, as the price movement proceeds, experts are warning about the next Bitcoin crash that is about to happen. Investors and traders should worry because they are not going to get enough profits, some studies are assuming. In this article, let us look at the latest Bitcoin price warning. 

The Latest Bitcoin Price Warning

Volatility plays a crucial role whenever it comes to investing in Bitcoin and altcoins. The world of investments is full of edges. We generally face wild graph swings from time to time. Even though Bitcoin has established itself well, its performance depends mainly on two factors, adoption and speculations. From 2009 or the time when Bitcoin started the journey, some people assumed it would rise, while others believed it would fall. Bitcoin catered to both the assumptions, but not in the way people wanted. Holding the thought that Bitcoin would disrupt the economy, countries like China and Russia banned it. 

Bitcoin has previously witnessed multiple big and small busts and booms from the time it approached the investment horizon. The first big crash that happened in the second week of April 2013 made this cryptocurrency lose 80% of its worth. After four years, Bitcoin collapsed after reaching $20k. Whenever Bitcoin performs well, every individual’s opinion stands undivided. Warren Buffet termed that it is an unsafe investment option. On the other hand, we had Saylor and Elon Musk getting bullish on Bitcoin. Musk was also the one who made Dogecoin reach new heights. His few tweets made it soar within a week.  

New studies are revealing that the huge volumes of Bitcoins are disappearing from popular crypto exchange platforms like Binance and Kraken. The reason is Bitcoin’s huge rally that has allowed it to reach $65k. Many now desire to see Bitcoin hit $100k. Well, the time for Bitcoin and people hoping that would come in the upcoming year only. But we could also see a sharp fall once again. Assuming Bitcoin is at $65k, it could be $60k next month. Buyers will have no problem while obtaining them. Bitcoin is serving many people in many countries as a medium of fund transfer that is decentralized.  

In India, the crypto-regulation era is all set to start. The Central government is already aware of the fact that cryptocurrencies and blockchains are evolving rapidly. Consequently, there is a need for consistent monitoring of Bitcoin transactions, which seems nearly impossible. Authorities could work with notable stakeholders or the richest Bitcoin owners in India to progress with the plan of crypto regulation. In the near future, we could see crypto-tax laws. Countries like the USA and Canada charge tax whenever anyone makes a transaction with Bitcoin. Every exchange there should verify its users before they proceed. 

The Ownership Of Bitcoin

Since the beginning of Bitcoin’s inception, crypto fans have wondered who the major owners are. It could be remarkably challenging to identify the proportion of ownerships because several of the biggest addresses do not represent people, but rather exchange platforms and other businesses that retain Bitcoin on the representation of many other individuals. Nevertheless, using only a methodological approach that distinguished between addresses belonging to middlemen and those relating to people, NBER researchers determined that the aforementioned controlled approximately 5.5 million Bitcoins by the last year’s end, whereas the latter dominated approximately 8.5 million Bitcoins. 

Furthermore, the ten most powerful individual investors owned around 3 million Bitcoins. So, if some individuals are going to obtain the best profits, they would be these top richest Bitcoin owners. Bitcoin can make you rich, but that will not happen the way it made people rich earlier. As growths and falls show up, one should be ready with other cryptocurrencies also. In fact, you must add other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, USDT and others to make your investment journey go smoothly. USDT and other stablecoins remain stable most of the time. Therefore, spend on them to avoid some volatility. 


In this article, I have thrown some light on what could be the latest Bitcoin price warning. Earlier, the setback from China and negative remarks from Musk made the entire crypto market fall. Almost every cryptocurrency depends on Bitcoin. Some Bitcoin attackers assume it would vanish and go to zero. However, there is less possibility for that to happen. There are 21 million Bitcoins in circulation, and the market cap is huge. In case the number of countries not accepting Bitcoin increases, Bitcoin could gradually fall. But nothing must be assumed about it in the future. We should patiently wait. 

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