What is manuscript proofreading?

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You have written a novel, an autobiography, an essay, poems. You fear, however, that various typing or spelling errors will penalize and devalue your work, that a lack of editorial quality will damage your image. 

You feel helpless because of a lack of knowledge or mastery of typographic standards imposed by publishers or printers.

Proofreading Service can intervene on “any text intended for distribution or publication (newspapers, magazines, brochures, books, reports, etc.) so that the authors’ thoughts are expressed as clearly as possible with all the elemental precision desirable. 

Therefore, Manuscript proofreading plays the role of “critical reader”, ensuring the perfect application of spelling and grammar rules while ensuring a quality typographical presentation. 

Therefore, all the best publishing houses decide to use a proofreader, a figure who can be an employee of the company itself or an outsider, provided with all the editorial guidelines set for their company.

Aim and Objectives

The aim is to make the book or article as consistent as possible with the philosophy of production by smoothing out the aspects that do not coincide and the imperfections that have escaped previously. 

Therefore, the professional in the sector works after the editing step, which consists of a more organic and global revision of the entire work, working on the syntax and some contents not considered suitable or inherent to the request.

  • Since sometimes the texts are complex, lengthy and articulated, many typing and form errors escape both the writer and the editor. They, therefore, decide to rely on the proofreader to obtain the final draft of their manuscript.
  • Offering the public or any intermediaries a correct piece of writing from every point of view is undoubtedly a better business card since it denotes great attention to readers and details and differentiates the writer.

It is, in fact, necessary to have a decidedly trained eye and a particular experience in the sector, as well as the appropriate knowledge of grammar and all the editorial rules that apply globally.

Role of proofreaders 

The proofreader can count on increasingly advanced technological means, which have allowed him to reduce the time of his work and, above all, to arrange the text with greater precision and punctuality.

  • If in the past a Manuscript proofreading operation was performed entirely by hand, therefore having to proceed to more than one rereading to be sure of the goodness of the result, today the help comes from technology and a series of valuable tools that can detect minor typos.
  • The purpose is to standardize the entire writing to those that are the criteria imposed by the publishing house, using all the rules provided at the time of assignment of the work.
  • There are, therefore, digital tools that use the classic revision symbols and allow their automatic insertion where they denote that an anomaly is present. All the parameters are set in the preliminary phase, and in this way, it is possible to obtain a first draft that only needs to be perfected through more classic methods.

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