E-Goat Is The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force Rumour Network

E-Goat Is The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force Rumour Network

E-Goat Is The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force Rumour Network

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The Royal Air Force is a Britishegoat military service that provides the UK with its air and space power.  That’s where E-goat comes in.egoat


Welcome to the E-Goat blog! This is the unofficial Royal Air Force rumour network for those serving in the RAF, or those who have served. We aim to provide an outlet for gossip, stories, and news about the RAF, and to give everyone a chance to have their say. Please feel free to contribute, and to comment on the posts of others.


1. Keep it clean – no swearing or offensive language.

2. No personal attacks – if you have a problem with someone, keep it respectful and constructive.

3. No political discussion – this is a place for RAF-related gossip and banter only.

4. Stay on topic – if a discussion starts to veer off into another area, please start a new thread.

5. Have fun!

Points System

The RAF has a points system in place that helps to determine an individual’s eligibility for certain promotions and benefits. This system is known as the e-Goat points system, and it is available for anyone who is serving in the RAF, or who has served in the RAF.egoat

The e-Goat points system is a way for individuals to keep track of their progress and achievements within the RAF. It is also a way for the RAF to identify potential candidates for promotions and other benefits. The e-Goat points system is not an official RAF rumour network, but it is a useful tool for those who are serving in the RAF, or who have served in the RAF.

What’s The Buzz?

If you’re looking for the latest gossip and rumors about the Royal Air Force, then look no further than E-Goat. This unofficial rumour network is dedicated to those serving in the RAF, as well as those who have left the service. Whether you’re looking for juicy tidbits about upcoming deployments or want to hear about the latest scandals, E-Goat has got you covered.

What's The Buzz?
What’s The Buzz?

RAF Trivia

Welcome to the RAF Trivia blog section! Here you will find all sorts of interesting facts and tidbits about the Royal Air Force. Did you know that the RAF is the world’s oldest independent air force? Or that it has over 3,000 aircraft in its fleet?

We hope you enjoy learning more about the RAF through our trivia blog posts. If you have any questions or suggestions for future posts, please feel free to contact us.

RAF Members & News In Your Area

Welcome to the RAF blog section! This is the place for members of the RAF to share rumours, gossip and general information about life in the RAF. We look forward to hearing from you!

Featured Member of the Week!

This week’s featured member of the E-Goat community is Sergeant First Class John “Butch” O’Neill! SFC O’Neill is an 18-year veteran of the United States Army and has served multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is currently assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In his free time, SFC O’Neill enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.egoat

Featured Member of the Week!
Featured Member of the Week!

He frequently posts in the discussion forums and is

to help out other members with their questions. His knowledge and experience are greatly appreciated by the community.

Thank you for your continued support, SFC O’Neill!

Link to Other Sites

Welcome to the blog section for E-Goat! Here we will be linking to other sites that might be of interest to those serving in the RAF, or those who have served. If you have any suggestions for other sites to include, feel free to let us know.egoat

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