Give Wings to Your Creativity- Become a Creative Director like Joe Cianciotto

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Every individual is born with the power to create; only it needs to be identified and honed over the years. That is exactly what Joe Cianciotto did for the past several years. He worked in the role of an executive creative director as well as the chief digital officer at DDB for more than 11 years after having acquired his degree in Visual Communications.

Work profile of a creative director

It is the work of a creative to manifest the visions of a particular project or brand digitally or in film or print. The appearance of the product should reflect the thinking of its makers vividly while at the same time maintaining a certain degree of cohesiveness. The project could be anything from an advertising campaign to a magazine or a video game or a fashion line.

The timelines, budget, relationship with clients is all handled by a creative director; he/she is basically in charge of the entire creative team, although they may have variations in the job role depending upon the industry of work.

Skills of a creative director

A creative director such as Joe Cianciotto holds the important responsibility of nurturing people’s ideas and making it public. Being the one leading a team, a creative director should have a few other skills sets apart from leadership. Communication skills, management of interpersonal relationship skills, team player skills too ought to be possessed; not to forget creativity as the primary required skill.

Scope of a creative director

Generally, people consider the association of a creative director to advertisement, just like Joe Cianciotto, is capable of doing. But it has been found that there are several other industries which have the creative director as an integral part of its creative team. Given below are some of those industries where the scope of a creative director can be exercised.

  1. Social media – these are platforms for people at large to gather a lot of information. It hence becomes very crucial that the social media company take full responsibility to bring forward the true information in an appropriate manner. This becomes the job of a creative director to ensure that all information available on the social media platform is authentic and would not harm anyone.
  2. Television – being an overtly creative industry, this too inevitably needs a creative director to make sure all the programs being aired are appropriately presented. Here the scope of such a position is rather wide and entails a lot of responsibilities.

Irrespective of which industry a creative director is, being sufficiently erudite on the subject is an absolute necessity. If one is looking at working as an art director, then possessing knowledge in arts is mandatory. Similarly, if the industry of creative direction is that of media, then one must have a strong grasp of the subject of mass media.

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