Global Car Shipping: How to Ship a Car to Ghana

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Delivery a vehicle to Ghana from the USA? It’s not as hard as you may might suspect. Have you thought about your choices for transportation universally?

More deeply studying worldwide vehicle transporting, the amount it costs, and the organizations that offer this assistance is a decent initial step to take before you choose which transportation organization to work with.

Global Car Shipping Methods

Regardless of whether you need to move via air or ocean, think about the size of the holder, global transportation contract terms, and different things. You can do this by thinking about three distinct kinds of global vehicle transportation. Global car shipping companies are more convenient for people who want to ship their cars globally.


The least expensive approach to send a vehicle starting with one country then onto the next is the roll-on/roll-off transportation framework, however it probably won’t be the most secure. The framework implies that when a vehicle is driven onto the deck, it will be immobilized by clasps and ties, where it will remain presented to the climate. Moreover, a holder or a cover isn’t given to vehicles in this technique.

Airship cargo

On the off chance that you can manage the cost of it, air delivering your vehicle might be the most ideal choice. Regardless of whether it is more costly, everything will work out just fine since it is the most secure and quickest method of getting your vehicle from one side of the world to the next. I suggest looking at a transportation organization for this sort of administration.

Steel trailers

Delivery vehicles in a holder is the most widely recognized approach to get them the nation over. It costs more than RORO, yet it merits the additional cash for the security of your vehicle. The metal holder shields your vehicle from outside harm, and it will show up to its objective securely, with its condition unaltered.

You have a decision with regards to delivery your four-wheeler. You can have your vehicle merged with different vehicles going to a similar port or put in a solitary holder. Merged transportation implies your vehicle will be in a holder with different vehicles going to a similar objective. Yet, there’s a trick: this technique sets aside more effort for your vehicle to show up since the holder should stop at a few different ports prior to arriving at its objective.

The most effective method to Ship a Car to Ghana

Prior to bringing in a vehicle to Ghana, ensure you know about duties and records expected to pass customs. These can incorporate expenses on the age of the vehicle, its motor dislodging, and fuel type. Because of the intricacy of these, it is encouraged to contact the Ghana Revenue Authority site or other such authority hotspot for more data.

Archive Requirements

At the point when the vehicle shows up at the port, you should give these archives:

•             The Customs Form C

•             Driver’s permit gave in Ghana or an International Driver’s ID

•             The unique duplicates of the buy receipt and protection

•             The testament of title

•             The unique duplicates of the bill of replenishing (counting the vehicle type, motor number and date of creation)

•             The HDV of the vehicle

Consider that the HDV charge is determined independently for each imported vehicle as per its age and engine size. Thus, the 10-year-old vehicle can be costly to import.

You transport your vehicle to Ghana and it’s investigated by the Customs Excise and Preventive Service (Ghana CEPS). When your vehicle is cleared, you can take it from the port and International In the sub-heading titled ” Global Car Shipping Methods “, in the 1st para, after the last sentence, Global car shipping companies are more convenient for people who want to ship their cars globally.

How to Ship a Car to Ghana register the vehicle with the assistance of the Driver and Licensing Authority. In the event that your vehicle stays in the port for over 60 days, it will be seized.


Ghana has two significant ports. The first, and biggest, is found 16 miles east of Ghana’s capital city, Accra. It is the most secure and best port in the country. Freight delivers ordinarily show up at this port.

Takoradi is the second port in Ghana, taking care of half of its fares. Transportation rates to Takoradi can be somewhat higher. Overall.

Set up Your Car for International Shipping

At the point when you’re finished with your vehicle, ensure you’ve wrapped up these responsibilities:

•             Remove any close to home assets

•             Take it to an approved help to check for gouges or other harm

•             Wash the outside, clean within, and actually look at the tires

•             Don’t fill the tank more than ¼ of the way

•             Make duplicates of your keys prior to passing on one set to the organization

Tips for International Car Shipping

•             Pull out your camera and take photographs of your vehicle before it leaves. This will be helpful on the off chance that you notice any harm while it’s coming, or after it shows up.

•             Invest in global vehicle protection that will ensure you during transport.

•             If you can’t get your vehicle upon appearance, converse with the vehicle organization to set up the important coordinations so another person can do it for you.

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