Learn Color’s Psychology For Your Custom Logo Design

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Since developing the real company logo – playing with shapes, lines, forms, and sizes – is genuinely an art form that must rely heavily on imagination, color selection is based on solid scientific information. And isn’t it nice to know that such an important component of design, color selection doesn’t have to be a wild experiment, but rather relies on the delicious constancy of science?

So what is that science behind?

To put it simply, it’s known as color psychology. How various colors influence how we think, behave, and feel. What, if any, effect do they have on our moods and emotions. Can they be utilized as triggers or association tools? The desire to find answers to these and other interesting issues has fuelled the growth of a new field of study: color psychology.

Every one of us has been taught that every color has a different aspect and indicates different things. For example, they taught us red is a sign of danger in evil, and our superstitious elders told us that black is the sign of evil. But how exactly is this psychology implied here in custom logo design services? 

First, what does specific color means in custom logo design?


If you think your logo indicates boldness and power then red is the best color for it. Red indicates power, passion, modernness, and anger. People can notice this red color from far even in crowded places.

There are certain emotions associated with the color red such as love, sex, and anger. It is to be said that red is one of the colors after black and white that babies notice first. This color is great to create a strong message as well. You might already know this common fact about red that it is also of huge use for custom logo design of food chains throughout.


The color orange is not used as commonly as red. This color is used when brands are trying to deliver the vibes of uniqueness, creativity, eliteness, serious or luxury. This color is also mostly associated with winter and autumn vibes. Use to show bright or things with sun vibes. It also gives a very energetic punch to your custom logo design. 


If you think your brand is more serious you would not consider this color at all. Yellow color determines youthful, joyous, kiddish sometimes or casual vibes to your logo. It is also used as the main color for the junk food industry and is associated with gold and the sun. 


However, this color tends for general color vibes. It means you can use any kind of brand as per. Green has strong cultural associations, some people think of it as growth, vegetables, a peaceful environment, money, or positive energy.


The king of all colors, it’s a saying. If you look around you will see the big and famous brands that use this color like Facebook, Twitter, MS office, a lot of banks, etc. if you chose blue for your custom logo design you will also have to find a way to stand out in the market. This color is for trustworthiness, maturity, and popularity. But kindly do not go for blue while designing a brand for any kind of foodservice. People lose their appetite with blue color.


Luxurious is the only word for this color. If you have a very expensive and high-class brand. well, this color will work marvelously with it.


This color can also be used for luxurious brands with hippie and fun vibes. Pinks really gives positive energy and is mostly used by skincare products or sweet food brands as per se. It is a really powerful color and can use by a diverse amount of brands. A lot of meanings are there that pink color can tell like Charm, Childhood, Femininity, Politeness, Romance, Sensitivity, Sweetness, and Tenderness. This color has dozens of different shades and is used in different aspects.


This color is used for brands that are trying to convey natural, vintage, and classic vibes. This color is made out of mixing a lot of colors altogether and is not often seen in logos. It can be a great color for brands like outdoors, more natural like chocolates and coffee, or aging variations like brands for old men. 

If talking about 2021. This color is in most use right now. It gives aesthetic sensation to brands and looks perfect in monochromes. 


Who does not love black? This color is made for luxury, seriousness, professionalism, power, and authority. Brands pick this color to create their powerful image in society. People seem to take more seriously the brands which are in color black. This color is also seen to be used for respect and sometimes sadness, this aspect occurs due to the superstition of our elders.


White color has to be used by other colors as it has color absence. This color is to sense cleanliness, goodness, positivity, safety, sophistication, and purity. Most hospitals and non-profit organizations use this color for their brands.

At last…

It is not as easy as loving green and wanting a dark forest logo to choose the color of your custom logo design. Consider how you want your brand’s personality to be regarded and what colors might assist you in communicating it to your customers. It is also important to analyze what your rivals are doing. Can being the exciting, entertaining firm in a more conventional area assist you? Sometimes zigging is preferable to zigging along with everyone else.

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